Sunday, July 18, 2010

That doesn't sound like a present

So my car tried to kill me.  Well, really it blew out a tire on the freeway right before I-84 and I-384 split.  So I was of course in the middle lane (of 5 lanes) to stay on 84, and suddenly I hear this noise, and then smell this smell and suddenly am having a hard time keeping control of my car.  My brain worked enough to go, OMG, my tire is no longer inflated, must get over to side of road.  So I manage to get over through two lanes of traffic, thanks to a very nice man in a large truck who also pulled over after I got over and helped me change the tire.  Yay for the random kindness of strangers! 

Of course there was no way that I was going to be able to get back over to get on 84, especially not driving on a donut.  I took 384 and my wonderful Droid navigation app got me home safely.

Yay, I survived!  And we're going to get my tire replaced and a couple other things fixed on it and all that jazz.

But now I'm kind of scared to drive on the freeway.  I'm sure a couple times without having a tire blow out on me will help, but starting to lose control of your car at 70mph in heavy traffic is pretty terrifying.

Actual Story:
So I can't get a ride from Chris and Sarah to church tomorrow.  Normally not a problem, I can drive myself.  Except my car is not really drivable for long distances at the moment and also I'm kind of scared to drive on the freeway.  Solution: Ask Dan to come to church with me.

So I ask Dan again tonight (I had asked previously because I'm playing flute tomorrow as well).  This resulted in a pretty hilarious conversation.  I present this in dialogue format in case anyone would like to reenact it.  :)

Me: "So will you come to church with me?"

Dan: "Yeah, how else are you going to get there."

Me: "Because I'm afraid that if I drive on the freeway something bad will happen again?"

Dan: "Well, I guess you would take my car, but that doesn't really fix the problem."

Me: "No, the Fear is still there."

Dan: "I was actually thinking you and mornings and that you won't be awake enough to drive."

Me: "No, mostly the Fear.  And the Cougar."


Dan: "I know I already got you a birthday present [my Droid Incredible], but I am totally painting a cougar on the hood of your car for your birthday."

Me: "That doesn't sound like a present."

Dan: "But it is, the greatest present."

Me: "No"  :(

Dan: "Ooookay, but I'm still painting shake 'n' bake on one side and El Diablo on the other."


We're all fine and the car is going to be fixed, but Dan and I are a little nutty.  :)

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