Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still unpacking...

Oh my goodness how do we have so much stuff? We are still unpacking boxes full of papers and notebooks and crap from the last four or 5 years of our lives that we have just accumulated. And I'd just toss it all except I'll be going through a box and then go, oh, I wondered where my birth certificate/high school diploma/other important document was. Glad I found that.

We had been having problems with our Cox internet service, and so we were going to switch to AT&T. Long story short, after spending a lot of time trying to get all of that taken care of, it turns out that getting a sattelite won't work unless we're willing to leave two windows open all the time to run cords through (Um no), and we spent over a week waiting for our DSL to work and Dan had to stay home for three days. By this point, all of the problems with Cox had been worked out, so AT&T - you lose! DSL was less expensive, and Satellite was only slightly more expensive than what we pay now for limited basic cable and waaaaaaaaaay less expensive than extended basic, or digital cable, and we would have gotten 200 channels and a DVR, but I guess it was not to be. Le sigh.

We had some people over, our friends Rob and Shaz to watch Hot Fuzz, which was really really funny. The cats were actually sociable.

Speaking of the cats, they have been insane about wanting to play lately. Any time they see us they want to play and they look at a toy, then at us, then at the toy, as if to say "why isn't this in your hand being swung in front of my face for me to bat at?" It's pretty funny. Lenin has also developed a special meow for saying he wants to play.

Living in Manchester is great, we've gone on a lot of walks lately. Yesterday we didn't feel like working so we went on a 2 hour walk and then came back and Dan fixed my car. Last week, when we had no money, my check engine light came on and the car made funny noises as I was driving to work. I hadn't gotten to the freeway yet, so I turned around and took Dan's car. My car sat in the parking lot, waiting for us to get money in case it was something very bad. I had been noticing some problems accelerating at times, but we were hoping to get it through the summer before something actually went wrong because we already spent like $800 on car repairs for Dan's car this summer and had no savings left.

Then, this week, we got our security deposit back from our old apartment. We had money to get my car repaired!!! So we took it to autozone to get the code checked and got the readings. Cylinder 2 misfire. So then Dan called his Dad who can do almost anything on cars and he suggested some things to try. After a couple calls back and forth after doing various things, he figured it was probably a bad spark plug wire. So we went off to autozone to buy new wires. My role in all of this: I watched, I described the problems with driving that I had noticed, and Dan taught me how to remove, adjust, and put back my spark plugs. Yay for having a working car again (and for under $50).

Dan and I are going back to Ohio for a short visit at the end of August (2 days with each family), which will be nice.

Dan's class is going really well, he only has three students right now but they're really good. He's busy preparing for his fall class, which he's pretty excited about. I'm doing advising again in the fall, which will be nice, and I'm also going to try to take four classes instead of three, because I like to make things difficult for myself. We're both trying to get stuff done before the school year starts.


  1. I just saw your post on about tornadoes. Hilarious--I went to BGSU also! We called it Blowing Green.

  2. Yep, good old blowing green. My roommate and I had a plan to go to the basement of Hayes or Overman if there was an actual tornado, because it's not like hanging out on the 4th floor of Offenhauer was going to protect us.