Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back from Ohio

Dan and I made it back from our whirlwind trip to Ohio. 1200ish miles, 2 families, 6 days. ::collapse:: We got to spend two days with each family but it was nice to get some quality family time in before the semester starts. We won't be back until December (boo). The kitties stayed home because they like the car even less than I do. They were very glad to have us home and showed their affection by climbing all over us as we tried to sleep and rubbing cat hair (and allergens) all over our faces. It's good to be loved.

I still haven't uploaded pictures from the camera yet, mostly because I'm not positive where the cord ended up. Probably in a box somewhere. Unpacking obviously got put on hold while we went to Ohio, and has been further delayed by my getting sick almost as soon as we got back to CT. We had to be at school early so that Jamie and I could work on recruiting for our study about graduate student parenting, so I made myself some Chai tea because no sleep=cranky Corinne. However, it also equaled a very sick Corinne about 25 minutes after getting to work. And I've been feeling awful all day which means it probably wasn't just the tea, I probably have some sort of bug. I'm sorry if I've infected anyone else.

Despite this setback, I am going to have everything unpacked by the time the semester starts!

Not much going on in the Tagliarina household right now. Dan finished his first class and is finalizing his syllabus for his fall class. My dad got me Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog for my birthday and the soundtrack, which Dan and I have been listening to almost constantly since I opened it. That's been a lot of fun. My mom got me a bunch of new clothes for school for my birthday, which are super cute and also professional. My favorite is a gray and purple argyle sweater that I am totally in love with.

Dan and I discovered PriceChopper (and by discovered I mean finally decided to check it out when we saw that grapes were a dollar cheaper a lb than Big Y this week). They are open 24 hours. They have a fuel rewards program. It's like Krogers! (except I do not know the quality of their store brand items yet). However, the store did have a funky smell, but our weekly shopping was about $30 less than normal (including coupons), so I almost don't care.

Well, I've officially become one of "those" people who blogs about saving at the grocery store, so I'm going to head to bed and hope I feel better in the morning.

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