Sunday, November 1, 2009


So despite a month full of massive allergy attacks, Dan and I were still very excited about Halloween.

We carved pumpkins and went to a halloween party and dressed up. It was all very exciting. Dan and I went as a Death Panel. Our name tags say "Socialist Government Bureaucrats" and I had a clipboard with people's names and Dan had a scythe with which to render our judgments. I made a kitty pumpkin and Dan made a zombie with a sewn up mouth.

We also had candy for trick or treaters but we only had one family come by. Sadness.

It's been a busy month. They found a replacement for me at the Roper Center so I was able to stop working there. I miss the people I work with, but it's nice to have that time to get classwork and research done now. It was a good job, but I'm glad we're in the position where I don't need a second job. Many people are not so lucky.

Dan's class is going well, he's showing them The Dark Knight this week (and part of next week I think) and they're writing their papers on it (applying the theorists they learn about in class, of course). Advising is going well for me; students have started registering for classes, so I have quite a bit of actual work to do now, which is good.

Classes are going well at the moment, although they are quite busy. We're getting into the paper writing stage. Wish us luck!

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