Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's just Yogurt...

So today Dan and I went to Target for our 10% off day. We tend to get things like yogurt and morningstar stuff at Target because it has better prices than the grocery store. We have been at Target for like an hour and a half and finally yogurt is the last thing on our list. We pull the cart up to the cooler aisle and there is someone already getting yogurt, so we stand there and wait. This woman opens the door and pulls out a Yoplait yogurt. She looks at the back. She replaces the yogurt. She pulls out an Activia yogurt. She looks at the back. She replaces the yogurt. She pulls out a Yoplait yogurt again. Looks at the back, replaces the yogurt. Then she pulls out an Activia yogurt, lather rinse repeat. She repeated this little ritual no fewer than 3 times. She finally decided on Activia yogurt and grabs a few of those for her basked. But then, oh goodness, she spots the Danactive smoothies. She replaces some of the activia yogurts with the Danactive smoothies. Every action must be taken with at least a minute of silent, motionless consideration throughout this whole process. She then appears to be done, so I swoop in to get our yogurt in about a minute. I get our yogurt and she's back! Appearing irritated at my consulting Dan on flavor preferences, she hurries as soon as I step back, leaving Dan holding the door. She doesn't take the cooler door. Rather, she climbs on the shelves to get another Activia yogurt that is on the back of the top shelf. Dan is still holding the door. We are done grocery shopping but I can't leave my husband hostage to the crazy yogurt lady. After a few minutes she finally decides she's done and we hurry off to get in line. Of course our check out cashier is confused by the fact that we brought our own bags, despite the fact that Target offers 5 cents off for each reusable bag you bring. Oh the people that we run into :)

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